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Cookie Policy

The Friends of Bark EUROPA website uses cookies and webstatistics. Below you can read what cookies are, why Friends of Bark EUROPA uses cookies and which cookies the Friends of Bark EUROPA places. You can also find information about the kinds of webstatistics Friends of Bark EUROPA collects.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. Through this file information about you and your visit to the website is stored and processed. Through cookies the website will recognize you upon your next visit to the website, preventing you constantly have to log in again. 

Why does Friends of Bark EUROPA place cookies?
Bark EUROPA places cookies to monitor how visitor move across the website. The information gathered through cookies is then used to improve the website.

Which cookies are placed by Friends of Bark EUROPA?

  • Functional cookies
    Are designed to help improve how the website works. These cookies have a very low impact on your privacy and according to cookie legislation no permission is needed to install these.
  • Analytical cookies
    Are used to monitor how people use the Friends of Bark EUROPA website. This helps us to gain an insight on how often the website is visited, what kind of information people are looking for and which parts of the website are popular. The information we gain through analytical cookies is used to improve the website. We cannot trace the statistics we received through the cookies back to an specific computer, tablet or phone. Friends of Bark EUROPA uses Google Analytics for the assessment of the statistics received through the cookies. 
      • Google Analytics – various cookies
        Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Through these cookies, Friends of Bark Europa gets access to its website visit. Think of visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. In this way, Friends of Bark Europa can better tailor communication to the needs of website visitors. Friends of Bark Europa cannot see who (which PC) visits her website. Google can do this as a provider of the service.
  • Other cookies
    In addition to these cookies, cookies may still be placed as a result of the playback of video clips and cookies placed by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to share content. 

The foundation

The Friends of Bark EUROPA is a foundation that offers youngsters who could really use some time from home, the opportunity to sail a lifechanging voyage on board EUROPA. In addition the Foundation helps to fund the maintenance of the old lady EUROPA.